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Northants Alfa Romeo
Unit 3
1-5 Stewarts Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate Wellingborough

Tel: 01933 275184


Operations to be carried out miles x1000/ months
  12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108
Check tyre condition, wear and pressure
Check operation of front brake wear indicator
Check rear brake pads for wear          
Check rear brake drums for wear            
Check condition and tightness of brake and fuel lines, power steering joint caps and drive shaft boots
Check condition of paintwork, underbody protection, all pipes and lines (exhaust/ fuel/ brakes) and all rubber components (hoses/ boots/ bushes)
Check condition and tension of all auxillary drive belts, adjust if necessary (replace every 72,000)        
Check condition of counter balance shaft belt (if fitted) (Excluding 156 & 166)            
Check handbrake lever travel, adjust if necessary
Check valve clearances, adjust if necessary (JTD versions)        
Check exhaust gas emmissions, using tester with printer          
Check vapour recovery system              
Replace fuel filter, (petrol engines, Excluding 156, 166)              
Replace fuel filter (JTD versions)
Replace air cleaner element (petrol engines)          
Replace air cleaner element (JTD versions)
Check fluid levels and top up if necessary (brake/ clutch/ power steering/ engine coolant/ battery/ screen wash etc)
Check condition of timing belt (excluding 156, 166)                
Replace timing belt and counter balance shaft belt (if fitted)                
Replace spark plugs                
Check operation of engine control system, using examiner          
Check transmission oil level              
Replace engine oil and filter
Check pollen filter (if fitted)
Replace brake fluid (or every 24 months)            
Check hood operation and condition of all seats, adjust if necessary
Check hood pump oil level, top up if necessary
Road test (including checking lights, instruments and locks)

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